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:: About jHomeNet ::

jHomeNet is a home automation application written primarily in Java used to monitor and control sensors and devices around your house. The application uses of a number of existing communication technologies including Dallas Semiconductor's 1-Wire and X-10 protocols. Administration and control of the software is through a GUI written entirely using the Swing development tools but makes use of a number of third party libraries.

:: Important News ::

See the Updates section for more detailed update information.

December 8, 2007: jHomeNet version 0.5.4 released!

This release is a bug release that fixes some bugs in the 0.5.3 release. In particular, the 0.5.3 release wouldn't allow existing sensor responsive objects to be updated in the database, a new sensor responsive object would be created instead. This was true for all objects types (conditions, responses, and plans).



December 3, 2007: jHomeNet version 0.5.3 released!

jHomeNet server version 0.5.3 has been released. This release contains a redesign sensor responsive control panel as well as several new sensor responsive objects (i.e. condition and response types).



October 11, 2007: jHomeNet version 0.5.2 released!

jHomeNet server version 0.5.2 has been released. This release contains a couple of minor bug fixes and adds support for the 1-Wire DS2405 switch.



September 16, 2007: jHomenet version 0.5.1 released!

jHomeNet server version 0.5.1 has been released. This release contains a couple of feature enhancements and bug fixes. The two biggest new features include a Weather Channel current weather conditions viewing tool and database versioning compatibility checking.



August 4, 2007: jHomenet version 0.5.0 released!

jHomeNet server version 0.5.0 has been released. Most noticable is the change in the versioning format. This change, however, also includes a drastic change in the library versioning and dependency framework. Other changes include a revised EventLogger, some UI tweaks, and several new jhomenet-commons JUnit unit tests. Some significant changes were also made to the Ant build setup.



July 16, 2007: jHomenet version 0.4 released!

jHomeNet server version 0.4 has been released along with the jHomeNet commons 0.4 package and the jHomeNet UI 0.3 package. The biggest addition in these releases is the inclusion of the sensor responsive system (SRS). The SRS can be configured to execute certain responses based on user-defined conditions evaluated on a regular basis using a scheduling library. Download the jHomeNet server to try out the new features.



March 15, 2007: jHomeNet suite version 0.3 released!

Version 0.3 of the jHomeNet suite of tools was released on March 15, 2007. The suite includes the 0.3 release of the jHomeNet commons library, the 0.2 release of the jHomeNet UI library, and the 0.3 release of the jHomeNet server. Major changes include a new UI framework, a major services API redesign and added documentation. This is still considered an early release and is intended to provide users a preview of features currently in development. Please download the suite and give it a try!