:: My jHomeNet Setup ::

This page provides some information on my particular setup. I have a number of sensors both on my roof and in my attic along with a couple of other sensors in my basement along with the jHomeNet server. I've used CAT-5E cable to run my 1-Wire network and where applicable have tried to use RJ-45 connectors but in some cases I've used simple screw terminals.


:: My roof  ::


I've installed on my roof a number of different weather sensors. At the moment they include:

  • A 1-Wire temperature sensor

  • A 1-Wire wind speed sensor

  • A 1-Wire wind direction sensor

  • A 1-Wire light detection sensor

  • A 1-Wire lightning sensor

Below is a picture of my current roof setup:



:: My attic ::


In my attic I've installed a couple of other sensors as well including:

  • The actual 1-Wire lightning sensor (only the lightning antenna is installed on the roof)

  • A 1-Wire temperature sensor

Here's a picture of the attic setup:



I'm currently in the process of installing a temperature equalizing system in my attic. The setup includes two temperatures sensors, a X10 controlled switch and an electric fan. When the temperature difference between the roof temperature sensor and the attic temperature sensor is greater than a certain value it will trigger a jHomeNet response to turn on the X10 switch which in turn controls the electric fan. The fan will be installed in one of my existing roof vents (you can see one in the picture above) and will blow the hot air out of the attic in an attempt to equalize the temperature.


Here's a picture of the electric fan that I'll be using:



It's a 120VAC Interfan (dimensions: 6" x 6" x 2", 220 CFM) electric fan that I ordered from AlliedElectric. I was originally going to use a Powerhouse X10 LM465 Lamp Module (also goes by PLM01 or PLM03) to turn the electric fan on and off however in doing some testing I've found that it won't actually control the fan. It may be due to the fact that the fan is a resistive load vs. an incandescent lamp and the LM465 uses a triac to actually switch the power on and off. Here are some more pictures of the fan, now mounted on a piece of 1/4" plexiglass.




I ended up having to get an X10 3-prong appliance switch that actually has a relay to control the fan (product number AM466 or PAM02). Here is a picture of the fan now mounted in my attic. I may need to install a second fan if this isn't able to move enough air.



:: My basement ::


In the basement I have the jHomeNet server along with a couple of other sensors including:

  • A 1-Wire HVAC monitor sensor

  • A 1-Wire temperature sensor

Here's a picture of the HVAC sensor and the temperature sensor:



Geesh, I really need to mount the HVAC sensor better. It's currently just sitting on my workbench. And here's a picture of the computer running the jHomeNet software (an old Dell Pentium III):



You can see the serial connector (brown) that connects to the X10 transceiver and the DS9490R 1-Wire adapter (blue) that provides the interface to the 1-Wire network.