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:: Information ::

The jHomeNet suite can be used to collect sensor data and control devices throughout your house. The application interfaces with both Dallas Semiconductor's 1-Wire and X-10 network hardware.


:: Supported hardware ::


The current list of supported physical hardware includes:

  • Dallas 1-Wire DS1820/DS18B20/DS18S20/DS1822/DS1920 (temperature sensor)

  • Dallas 1-Wire DS2405/DS2406 (general purpose switch)

  • Dallas 1-Wire DS2423 (general purpose counter)

  • Dallas 1-Wire DS2438 (battery monitor)

  • Dallas 1-Wire DS2450

  • X-10 switches

The current list of hardware implementations supported include:

  • Temperature sensor

  • Lightning sensor

  • Light sensor

  • Wind speed sensor

  • Wind direction sensor

  • Door sensor (open/closed)

  • Light switch

  • HVAC monitor

Future hardware implementation support will include:

  • Rain gauge sensor

  • Humidity sensor

  • Barometric pressure sensor

  • 1-Wire communication hub

  • Motion detector

:: Supported communication protocols ::


The jHomeNet server currently supports both the 1-Wire and X-10 communication interfaces.


:: Supported operating systems ::


The jHomeNet application has been developed in Java primarily in a Windows environment. While not currently supported, the jHomeNet application should run in a Linux environment as well.


:: Minimum requirements ::


The jHomeNet application has the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0

  • Compatible SQL server (MySQL has been used during development and testing)

  • 1-Wire drivers installed and configured